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1. Eligible candidates (For students of the departments which have a signed dual degree agreement program)

- Currently enrolled Y‘s U students without any disqualifications for overseas travelling
- Should have completed four or more semesters, and acquired more than 50% (70 credits) of graduation credits at Y'sU(Youngsan University) (excluding credits earned from on-line courses or courses taken from other domestic universities under academic exchange programs)
- GPA of 3.5 or above for the first four semesters
- Majoring or minoring in the language of the country where the host university is located
- TOFLE IBT score of 80 or higher (Applicants to English speaking countries)

2. Required Documents

- Original certificate of language proficiency
- Study Abroad Application form, Letter of Pledge, Plan of Study and Recommendation Letter

3. Selection Process

· Selection Announcement
· Application Submission
· Document Screening (Academic Performance and Language Ability)
· Interview
· Send the candidate students information to the Partner Universities for the final admission decision.
· Notification of the Selection Result (on the website)

4. Support Details

- Exemption from full tuition fees at the overseas partner universities for two years

5. Approval of Acquired Credits

Academic credits acquired in the host universities (up to 18 credits per semester) can be approved at Y'sU(Youngsan University) in accordance with the “Regulations on student exchange and credit approval with overseas universities” after completing the study at the host universities.

6. Credit Approval Procedure

Submit the study plan → Send the list of the courses to be taken at the host university → Send the official transcript at the end of each semester → Submit the credit and grade approval request or for courses taken from other universities” (to the department the student belongs to) → Request for credit transfer and approval (Office of Global Affairs) → Screen and approve credit transfer (Office of Academic Affairs)

7. 복수학위 파견대학

국가 대학/기관명 비고
베트남 Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages & Information Technology  
Lachong University  
Vietnam National University of Social Sciences & Humanities  
Vietnam National University of Social Sciences & Humanities of Ho Chi Minh City  
인도네시아 STIE Ekuitas Bandung  
STIPAR Paramitha  
STMIK Tasikmalaya  
Universitas Internasional Batam (UIB)  
Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII)  
Universitas Komputer Indonesia  
Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta  
Universitas Multimedia Nusantara  
Universitas Padjadjaran  
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia(UPI)  
Universitas Wanita Internasional  
중국 Changchun University of Technology  
Harbin University of Commerce  
콩고 Institut Superieur d'Informatique Programmation et Analyse  
Universite De Kinshasa  

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