Summer & Winter English Training Course
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1. Eligible Candidates

- Currently enrolled Y'sU(Youngsan University) students without any disqualifications for overseas travelling
- GPA 3.5 or above
- High proficiency level in official foreign language fluency certification

2. Required Application Documents

- Original certificate of language proficiency (for certificate holders only)
- Application form, Letter of Pledge, Plan of Study and Recommendation Letter

3. Selection Process

· Selection Announcement
· Application Submission
· Document Screening (Academic Performance and Language Ability)
· Interview
· Send the candidate students information to the Partner Universities for the final admission decision.
· Notification of the Selection Result (on the website)

4. Support Details

- Offer scholarships for each country to be dispatched (only available once)

5. University and Institutions to be Dispatched

- Students will be dispatched to partner universities or language institutions in English speaking countries and non-English speaking countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan.

담당자 정보   국제협력팀 김형록 / 051-540-7251