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Health Insurance

All international students attending Y’sU (Youngsan University) on a student visa are required to sign up for mandatory health insurance.

01. How to apply for health insurance

Visit the Office of Global Affairs (Haeundae campus) with the insurance fee and alien registration card.

02. How to claim insurance

1. Present your insurance card and alien registration card when you visit our partner facility, Daedong Hospital. Medical benefits will be automatically applied to your bill. You then pay the final amount.
2. Alternatively, submit in detail your medical records, medical certificates, and receipts for medical expenses to the Office of Global Affairs.

Type Document 발급Issuer처
Common document Insurance card/Copy of the bank book Student
Medical expense Hospital treatment Confirmation of hospitalization(discharge)
Detailed medical report
Receipts for medical expenses
Outpatient treatment Medical certificate
Receipts for medical expenses
Prescription Prescription

03. Additional Note

For all inquiries about international student insurance, please contact the Office of Global Affairs below.
(☎ 051-540-7022, E-mail :